Free Stock Photography Resources

So, you’re arsing around online for 4 hours trying to find a half decent image to use. Maybe it’s for your college project, maybe it’s for a paid commercial job.

Where do you go? If you have limited budget and don’t want to spend extortionate money on Getty, then here are some serious contenders for some seriously excellent shots.

These may be free stock photography websites but you’d never know it.

Unlike the more accessible services like Shutterstock or Dreamstime, these images are creative and beautiful.

Hell check it out for yourself (p.s Yes, this gorgeous header image was from one of these sites):

  1. Unsplash

    Free Stock Photography Websites 1

    Unsplash is deffo top of the list for us, it’s got a lovely simple user interface not unlike this blogpost, which makes it extremely easy to browse. More importantly it has a huge database of free stock photos and here comes the big win, you can SEARCH on their site. This is not a feature on a lot of other free stock sites, so it makes searching for that barista shot a lot faster!

  2. Negativespace

    Free Stock Photography Websites 2

    Negativespace is also really awesome but for less arty shots and more substance shot as above. Lots of really well shot business stock on this site, if you need a decent image of apple hardware and working images, this is a great site. It also has a search feature and some really easy to browse tags.

  3. Splitshire

    Free Stock Photography Websites 3

    Splitshare is also good for your phone & desk prop shots. However it also offers a pretty decent library of all sorts of categories from people, weddings to landscapes and abstract. In fact the shots are quite interesting on this site, maybe a little out there at times but a good place to peruse, plus it also has a search feature.

  4. Life Of Pix

    Free Stock Photography Websites 4

    This site is the bomb. Gorgeous photography, always well composed, always in extremely high detail. It has a search feature too but I’ll challenge you not to lose a couple of hours just surfing this one!

  5. Picjumbo

    Free Stock Photography Websites 5

    YAAAASSSSSSS picjumbo, another amazing site. Easy to use. Loads of pictures. Very commercial but tastefully shot pix. Highly recommended. They also have a straight to your inbox option for new images. Nifty.

  6. New Old Stock

    Free Stock Photography Websites 6

    A totally random WTF one but a really different proposition. Oldies! Yup, ever get stuck looking for some abstract B&W shot for a cover or web backdrop. Look no further!

  7. Get Refe

    Free Stock Photography Websites 7

    No search feature. BOO. However some really usable shots for commercial work without the cheesiness of your usual suspects. Definitely a great one to give a quick scan for quick projects.

  8. Gratisography Free Stock Photography Websites 8

    Da fuq? Seriously though we have no idea what this site is about BUT it does have a search feature. You can expect a whole bunch of random stuff on Gratisography, in the best possible way of course. So if you need a large dead fish being fet to a hungry cat with patterned backdrop, look no further!

    And that’s the end of that chapter!



There are of course more suspects, ones you’re maybe already familiar with, the ones listed are just our personal go-tos!

Here are some of those Free Stock Photography usual suspects:


Death To Stock

Jay Mantri

Superfamous Studios

IM Free

With regards Free Stock Photography and licensing:

So here is how it works, some of the sites above are totally free from all copyright restrictions. However some free stock photography is licensed under creative commons public domain, which means they are free to modify, duplicate, use for commercial work but you may need to cite the creator as the original source. So be sure when checking all of the aforementioned sites, that you check their licensing 🙂

Revisit this page soon as we have a very clever guest blogger coming into the studio to write about the Creative Commons Public Domain. Thank heavens, some clarity on all the legal stuff!