98FM App Design

iPhone & Android App

98FM wanted to create not just a streaming app but one that would also encourage listeners to engage with online content from the station. Ultimately 98FM wanted to break ground in the radio market with an app that would be the first of the Irish stations to provide more than just a radio stream.

All graphics, layout and architecture for the app were designed by HyperBrow. The 98FM app design needed to be fresh and dynamic, taking a media that may be perceived as “old school” into a new digital age. But half the fun of radio is the wonderful hardware behind it! We didn’t want to loose that fun, the fun of manually tuning in your favourite station. So we incorporated the dials we all know and love into the app. Keeping the heritage of radio world and adding a modern slant. The main navigation on the app operates by turning a digital dial, moving from one radio show to the next. FUN! This proved popular and smoothly took the user around the app to lots of different content, from show info to the latest gossip.