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Web App Design & Branding

SEMBLY is a startup in the area of entertainment and education. In fact it’s really a mix between the two. The web app and content site, strives to bridge the gap between just entertainment and just education. It aims to be useful, informative and entertaining by finding new angles in news, sport, music, science, technology and gaming.

HyperBrow was sought out by the guys at Sembly to design everything from the brand and supporting collateral to the web app design and UI/UX across the board. This was an extremely challenging brief and a very satisfying one to complete. With the target audience being 13 – 21, it was a wide scope of people we needed to hit with our design. However we’re no strangers to that, check out our Expect Everything project for more info.


Seeing as the content aimed to turn information on it’s head, we wanted to develop a look and feel that was not only edgy but totally new. This brief was not about looking like everyone else, no, we needed to break the mold.


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