Guess what happened this week? We were only featured in The Irish Times…fancy!


What’s it all about? Changing the world for the better, one girl at a time. This week saw the launch of Expect Everything, our latest project for the E.U. A project we are very passionate about being a female-led studio, this campaign aims to peak young girls’ curiosity in STEM. The gender imbalance is huge in the areas of STEM and this project aims to rectify that.

HyperBrow were behind naming the project as well as the branding, design and digital execution of the campaign. We wanted to really challenge youth, push them to want more, for girls to demand more. And so we asked these young girls to “Expect Everything“. Expect everything from themselves, from science and tech, from society, from their future. Expect to fail, expect to win, expect to be challenged, Expect Everything.

We hope you will join us in encouraging the next generation of young women to explore their options and discard misinformed limitations:

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