Women in design..Where are they?




Yes, that happy messer above is Simone Smyth, Creative Director and general toerag (people don’t say this enough).

We were extremely lucky to be featured in The Locals article “First Ladies of Design”. Really we won on a couple of levels there; first of all the wonderful nod to the design work we do for sure… but ladies?! YAAASSS! Moms if you’re reading, you can no longer be disappointed in us.

For those of you who don’t know us so well, we are an all female partnership made up of Simone Smyth and Sorcha Delaney. Unfortunately an all female company is pretty unusual in the Irish design industry. You’ll see reading the article that the current ratio of male to female in Irish design is 75:25, in favour of men. I think perhaps this is a bigger issue than just the design industry, granted the ratio is astonishing in this area. Yesterday, being #InternationalWomensDay, really highlighted the gender gap in the workplace, with women and men alike sharing their experiences on social media.

It’s on us all to help women in the workplace and women in design, by helping each other and encouraging greater expectations in young girls. Recently we were fortunate enough to be selected to work on Project Hypatia, an EU scheme to get young girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), another very important area for women. You can download the press release here. It’s so important to reach girls early and encourage big dreams and expectations from life, society and work. We should expect to win, to fail, to work hard, to discover, to invent, to have your name remembered not as the wife of Pierre Curie but as Marie!

Here’s to 2016 and the hope that we can start to balance this strange world out.

Special thanks: To Jane Gleeson who wrote the article and Rudy de Souza for the beautiful pictures: